Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is used in all types of recipes, from sprays to perfumes and aroma mists.

Peppermint Oil

Uses: Peppermint oil has been used for a variety of health conditions, including nausea, indigestion, and cold symptoms. Peppermint oil is also used for headaches, muscle and nerve pain, and stomach and bowel conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome.

Description: Peppermint oil is made from the peppermint plant, which has been used for many years as a tea to calm the digestion. Peppermint has an anti-spasmodic action, and calms the smooth muscles of the stomach, intestines, and uterus. Peppermint also has analgesic (pain-killing) properties. It is used widely in pan masala manufacturing.

  • Botanical Name: Mentha piperita
  • Common Name: Peppermint
  • Native Country: India and china
  • Parts Used: leaves and stems
  • Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
  • Aroma: mint scent

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