Bitter Gourd Seed Oil

It is used as a treatment for atherosclerosis and diabetes

Bitter Gourd Seed Oil

Uses:  It is used as a treatment for atherosclerosis and diabetes and is also used to cure liver problems, ulcers, spleen, intestinal parasites, high cholesterol, stomach-ache and heal wounds. It is used to treat diabetes, sores, promote menstruation, expel intestinal gas, fever, hepatitis and measles.

Description: Momordica charantia, a member of the Cucurbitaceae family and commonly known as bitter gourd, bitter melon, or karela, thrives in humid and subtropical regions around the world. Bitter gourd vines are originally from Asia but are now widely cultivated all over the world, including tropical countries such as Brazil, China, Taiwan, and India, because of the dietary value of both unripe and ripe fruits. They are adapted to a wide range of climates, but they grow best in warm weather. It is a revolutionary plant with versatile applications in the food industry and in therapy.

  • Botanical Name:Momordica charantia
  • Common Name:Karela in Hindi, Bitter Melon & Bitter Gourd in English
  • Native Country:India
  • Parts Used: Seeds
  • Extraction Method:Cold Processed
  • Aroma: Mild Characteristic odour

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