Onion Seed Oil

It has anti-aging & antioxidant possessions that make the skin fit and shimmering naturally.

Onion Seed Oil

Uses:  Onion seed oil has anti-aging and antioxidant possessions that facilitate maintain the skin fit and shimmering naturally. This oil reduces melanin fabrication in the corpse and thus aids alleviate skin shade naturally. The oil will actually lucid the face from acne and fungus, simply making your skin tone lighter which in turn makes you appear fresh. Onion seed oil helps marvellously in maintaining a good digestive system. If you devour the onion seed oil, it guarantees that your digestive structure is resistant to numerous disorders. Owed to its antimicrobial assets, onion seed oil aids to slay off intestinal parasites. Thus, it helps extravagance diarrhoea logically. Due to its antimicrobial and pain-relieving attributes, it helps in alleviating fever and body ache as well.

Description: Onion is considered to be one of the most important agricultural products all over the world. The species belongs to the family of Liliaceae and represents one of the world’s oldest cultivated products Onion seeds are also eaten, but their commercial availability is currently limited.

  • Botanical Name:Allium cepa
  • Common Name:Pyaaz in Hindi, Onion Seed in English
  • Native Country:India
  • Parts Used: Seeds
  • Extraction Method:Cold Processed
  • Aroma: Strong Characteristic aroma

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